Masks which are an element of personal protection equipment, reduce the risk of transmission of pathogens. Masks protect people who have contact with the sick against infection. Wearing masks is particularly helpful in prevention of airborne diseases.




Three-ply masks are a product which guarantees safety and comfort. Type 2 masks in accordance with EN 14683 standard guarantee 98% of effective filtration while assuring comfort of breathing. We offer masks which are used by surgeons and other medical staff for maximum safety. The Type 2 standard offers high anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection provided you maintain basic hygiene standards and replace your mask after specific time. The masks are available in three colours: while, green and blue, 50 pcs per package.

  • size: 17,5cm x 9cm
  • PN EN14683 TYPE 2 + AC:2019=09 standard
  • BFE >99%
  • colour: blue, green, white
  • outer ply: Spundbond PP
  • filtering ply: Meltblown
  • inner ply: Pundbond PP
  • breathability: delta P < 40%
  • nose bridge fixing strip: galvanized wire
  • 50 pcs per package
  • 20 packages per box
  • 48 000 pcs on a palett

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Wrap around nose bridge is slightly rigid and is made from elastic material with plastic. It comfortably fits in around the nose, prevents glasses fogging up and increases comfort. The “Nose brigde” is designed to better fit the mask around the face. It does not irritate and sensitize the skin.

Filtration parameter is one of the most important parameters in masks. The European standard – EN 14683 specifies the filtration efficiency with the BFE rate. The BFE for the type 2 mask offered by our company is >=99%. Together with protective layers, the TW Plast mask demonstrates high air permeability, assuring breathability.

Mask straps are an indispensable element which allow you to put on your mask conveniently and safely. They are highly elastic and soft and assure great comfort even if the mask is worn long hours. One of the key hygiene principles of wearing a mask is to avoid touching the inner layer of the mask. The straps are sewn in in a manner which allows for good fit on the face and prevents sliding down.

The single-use disposable three-ply TW Plast masks are of rectangular shape with folds. They are made of polypropylene layers of various electrical charge with filters efficiently blocking air particles. Masks are odourless, they ensure air flow and very good breathability.